Best Materials That Can Be Used For Your Reusable Bags

August 17, 2021 0 Comments

The whole world is becoming aware of reducing plastic bags and countries are either banning or impose taxes to stop or reduce the usage. So, it is the best option to invest in reusable bags and avoid the added cost. Though manufacturing them technically leaves an impact on the environment, they are the best alternative to single-use plastic carry bags.

For your business need, you can place your orders with Custom Earth Promo, which is a green company that makes all its products from recycled and recyclable materials. You can also get your attractive custom bags by printing your logo and message. They got a wide variety of eco-bags from which you can choose the best one that suits your business.

Natural and synthetic materials can be used in the production of reusable bags. There are a variety of fabrics and materials that has their strengths as well as drawbacks. But when you choose the best materials, the impact can be reduced to a greater extent. Knowing each material helps you decide the best one that suits your business need.


Cotton bags are the best material that can be used for reusable bags. They have many advantages like, they are biodegradable, recyclable, soft, strong, and durable. They can be easily washed and if air-dried, you can preserve the printing for a longer time and avoid shrinking.

Cotton bags can be made in many variations.

  • Organic cotton is grown without using pesticides and harmful chemicals. This meets the global standards also.
  • Recycled cotton that consists of post-consumer cotton that would otherwise end up in waste. For example, fabric pieces and scraps that are discarded from the factory.
  • Traditional cotton in which harmful chemicals are used and this causes oil erosion also.

This material has got some disadvantages too. They are not moisture resistant and susceptible to damage. It involves high production and shipping costs. Any cotton material can shrink and wrinkle, especially with machine wash.


Jute is a natural fiber which is also called golden fiber because of its shine. These are natural materials that are procured from vegetable plants. Hence these are 100% safe for our environment. It just takes a maximum of 2 years to degrade and causes no threat to hygiene.

Jute bags are sturdy, durable, and the gloss and glaze are maintained for a longer period. When you use jute bags as a promotional item, they serve you as the best advertisement tool. You get maximum return on investment since they will be used again and again by your customers.

The few disadvantages are, they are not resistant to moisture and only bold objects can be printed.

Recycled Pet

Used plastic is recycled into new usable fabrics. This process is beneficial to preserve virgin materials and lowers environmental impact by diverting used plastic from ending up in landfills. Bags made from this material are durable and strong. It can also be blended with hemp or polyester to produce nice materials. But this is also a form of plastic.

Whatever material you choose, it is always a better option than single-use plastic carry bags. Make a positive impact by choosing eco-friendly bags for your business.