Why you should use car protection film?

November 18, 2021 0 Comments

It is there when you are walking in your car. Your vehicle’s exterior is marred by the faded, scratched, cracked, and peeling clear coat.

Your car was once your most valuable possession. It had a beautiful body and was painted in a striking color. Today, you are excited to replace the vehicle with something newer.

Nothing is more frustrating than the first scratch or ding on your brand new car’s exterior. This situation can be avoided by purchasing a car protection film. Request a car painting protection film before you leave the car lot.

The car protection film adds an extra layer of protection to your vehicle’s exterior paint and clear coating. The film protects your exterior from the elements, dirt, and dust. The clear coat will be as smooth and flawless as it was when you first bought your car.

Is car paint protection film right for you? Here are some facts about protection film and how it protects your car.

What is Car Paint Protection Film ?

There are many names for car paint protection film, including clear mask, clear wrap, scratch protective film, and clear bra. All these films and wraps protect your vehicle’s clear coating. Protecting your clear coat will preserve the exterior of your car.

From where did the car paint protection film originate?

Let’s move back to the Vietnam War. This is where protective films were first used. Shrapnel, debris, and trees could cause damage to the helicopter blades during wartime. The result was helicopter tape, which is a lightweight, durable urethane film.

It was originally used for purely functional purposes. This protective film is now able to be used for style and protection on modern automobiles.

Most automotive paint protection films are made of durable transparent thermoplastic rubber urethane. These films are available in different grades, colors, and finishes depending on what you need.

The film covers important areas such as:

  • Lead hood edge
  • Full hood
  • Side mirrors
  • Bumpers
  • Door handle cavity
  • Fender panels
  • Rocker panels

Trunk ledge

These items can vary depending upon the vehicle you own and your exterior protection requirements.

How does a thin coating like paint protection protect a vehicle’s exterior? There are four main layers to this film with different purposes.


The film’s clear coat is the top layer. A clear coat can be used as a protective coating, but it can also bond to other coatings like ceramic coated or self-healing elastomeric plastic.

Acrylic Adhesive

When the film is installed on a vehicle, the acrylic adhesive will be the last layer. The acrylic adhesive is approximately 0.40mm thick, and sticks directly to the vehicle’s surface.

Polyester Release Liner

This fourth layer, which is removable, protects the acrylic adhesive from damage before it is installed. The adhesive is exposed when the fourth layer is removed.

Auto Paint Protection Films: Benefits

  • To maintain the vehicle’s beautiful appearance, you can add a paint protection coating to it. Paint protection films are not only beautiful, but they also offer many additional benefits.
  • Protects vehicle paint against mineral deposits (like salt), acid rainfall, and water spots
  • Resists acidic corrosion from bird droppings, insects, and other contaminants
  • Protects against rocks, gravel, branches, and other hard objects
  • Prevents the vehicle’s paint from being oxidized by UV light
  • Resisted high temperatures
  • This product doesn’t leave glue residues or orange peel marks.
  • Improve the finish of your vehicle
  • Can last for up to 10+ Years
  • Many protection films are self-healing.
  • Removable and interchangeable

The clear coat and paint of your car will be subject to scratches, oxidation, and fading regardless of how much you take care of. These issues can be prevented by applying a car paint protection coating to protect your car’s exterior.

It is important to have the protective film installed by a professional in detail. This will ensure that it adheres properly and works properly. This will help prevent film bubbles from forming, wrinkles, and peeling.

Paint Protection Films’ Drawbacks

Is paint protector film right for me? You should consider the pros and cons of each protection film before you decide to buy it. Paint protection film has some drawbacks.

There are many film types and some films work better than others.

Different healing properties

It isn’t a quick fix, but a long-term investment in protecting your vehicle.

This is not a DIY project for car paint protection film

The protective film can be a good investment for your vehicle’s protection, whether you lease it or plan to keep it.

Vinyl vs. paint protection film

How is paint protection film different from vinyl? Is it the same thing since both protect vehicles’ exteriors?

The major difference between vinyl and film is that vinyl is transparent while the film is opaque. The vinyl wrap provides greater protection and is easier to install. Vinyl has a marketing or aesthetic purpose, and not protection.

The auto paint protection films are transparent films that are lighter and thinner than vinyl. It lets the paint and coating below shine through. Its self-healing properties are also unique.

Cost of the paint protection film

Paint protection films aren’t cheap, as I mentioned before. It’s a major investment. The cost of the material will be determined by the brand, grade, self-healing properties, and type. The film will cost more if you add the ceramic topcoat or self-healing coating.

Professional installation can take several hours and adds to the cost.

Is Paint Protection Film Right For You?

It is a significant investment to buy a new car. You want to preserve it.

Car paint protection film provides many benefits to protect your vehicle’s exterior, and improve its current paint job and clear coat. It is a durable solution that will protect your vehicle for many years. Search Car paint protection Brisbane for better result in Brisbane,Australia.