6 Fast Charging Tips to Increase your iPhone Charger and Other Apple Devices

December 24, 2021 0 Comments

Most people have a problem keeping their phones charged.

We must always have our smart phones with us. There have been many times when you realize that your iPhone battery has run out and that there is no way to charge it. Although it is important to carry a portable charger with you for your iPhone, there are times when you just need to quickly charge the device up so that you can continue your day.

Many charging cables charge in under an hour, but this is no longer the case. Today, we’re going to show you how to fast charge your iPhone with six quick charging tips. It’s over with worrying about a slow or unchanging iPhone.

  1. Use the Wall as Much as Possible

Even though it’s not always possible for you to plug into a power outlet while you are on the go, it’s going to provide you with the fastest charging. Wireless devices and portable chargers offer convenience but can take some time to charge from a battery bank. You will need to be able to move from 0-20% in just 15 minutes using a good cable or wall plug.

It might seem like the 5-watt plug included with your phone is sufficient to charge it. But, it only has 5 watts. It’s best to choose a higher-wattage wall plug if your phone needs fast charging. The 18-watt wall plug in our fast charger bundle is 33% larger than other fast charging plugs.

It is always better to spend 15 minutes in a coffee shop using a wall plug than to risk your life by trying to use the power bank. It is best to save your power bank for emergencies, and then get a quick charge from the wall outlet.

2. Fast iPhone Charger

The cheap USB-C cables sold at convenience stores don’t work. They’re not only weak and likely to break in just a few days, but they will also leave you waiting endlessly for your phone charge.

Stop buying cheap cables. You’ll just keep throwing them away. For only $48, you can get one of the best charging sets on the marketplace. Tech Xpress Imports provides the smoothest and easiest solution for purchasing bulk iphone chargers.

3. While charging, it is best to keep your phone turned off (or in Airplane Mode).

One of the biggest barriers to quick charging your phone is that people use it all the time. It will always charge faster if your phone isn’t being used by multiple battery-sucking apps. When you need to quickly

4. Charge your phone; turn it off for a while.

The best thing is to leave it off. However, if you do need it for work, turn it on airplane mode. The battery will last longer if the phone isn’t accessing the internet and any other apps. This will reduce your battery life, even if you are using your phone.

If your cell service must be turned on, it is best to avoid doing so. It’s best to turn it off and only check your mail or messages if you need.

5. Make sure it’s not in Heat

The battery of your phone is made up of chemicals that heat up when it’s connected to the internet.

The cable will last much longer than your cat’s encounter. They’re made from extremely durable materials. We are so confident in this technology you will get a brand new cord-free of cost if yours breaks within the first 2 years.

Most cables are made to endure a minimum number of bends. Although you might not realize it, charging cables can only be bent up to 7,000 times. Our cables can be bent up to 35,000 times, which makes them 5X stronger than most other cables.

6. Cycle the Battery

Last but not least, “cycling” your batteries every once and a whole has been shown to increase battery efficiency. You can let your battery run to 0%, or even 100%. It’s worth doing this every few weeks to make sure your phone charges faster when you need it.

Use an iPhone Charger Which Works

Don’t let your iPhone die from lack of a fast-charging charger. Instead, spend your money to buy a product that will work. Tech Xpress cable is aware of how crucial it is to charge your device. We make our cables from the highest quality materials. They are made to last and can keep your phone’s battery charged as fast as possible.