Tips to Drive safely in spring

February 16, 2022 0 Comments

It should be easy to get around spring, now that you’ve gotten used to driving in winter. You’re not.

Experts warn that spring can present unique challenges to motorists. As the ice and snowmelt, motorists can feel a bit “letting their guard down”. This is a result of a lack of control and an inability to cope with rising temperatures. There are seasonal challenges drivers should be aware of.

Here are some driving safety tips.

1. Keep to the middle lane when it rains

A wet road can be just like icy. Rain causes oil dripped by passing vehicles to rise to the top of the water surface, increasing its slickness. You stick to the middle lanes because water tends not to pool in those to the sides. This is a non-profit organization dedicated to safe driving.

2. Increase your distance to the next destination

When it rains, you should increase the distance between you (and the vehicle) you’re following. Normal conditions consider three seconds to be safe. In the event of a severe storm, it should be eight seconds. The three-second rule allows you to double-check that you are following a safe distance. A fixed point (such as a road sign or building) should be chosen that is at the same distance as the car in front. If you reach this fixed point before three, then you have been driving too close.

3. You should inspect the tires on your vehicle

Tires with worn treads can reduce traction and increase the likelihood of sliding. Even if the tread looks good, make sure that the tires are properly inflated. Doing the penny test will help you determine whether your tire has an acceptable tread, simply place a penny inside the groove of your tread. Your tire may need to be replaced if Lincoln is visible.

4. Clean the windshield.

Winter’s worth of snow, salt, and ice can cause wipers to fail, so it is possible to have them replaced. You can also use a windshield washer to clean the glass and improve wiper performance.

5. Look out for potholes

Spring is also pothole time. Where snow and ice had dominated the winter months of the year, spring can bring dangerous potholes. You can avoid them if you are able, but don’t stop while driving over them. You can slow down, but you should release the brakes before hitting the pothole. Braking causes your tires to slam into pothole edges with greater force than if they were rolling over them.

You should make it your priority to drive safely. More safe Driving Tips.

6. Check your windshield wipers

Wiper blades are essential for vision. The blades can be overlooked until they are needed to see through rain or muddy road spray. You should make sure that they aren’t loose from the wiper arms or split.

The blades can be cleaned with a towel or cloth that has been soaked into windshield washer fluid or mild detergent. You can then wash the windshield by using a paper towel, a cloth, or a mild detergent.

After washing your windshield, try a test stripe. If you find that your wiper blades are becoming brittle and leave marks on your windshield, then it is time for a new set.

You should also test any rear window that has wipers.

7. You should inspect your tires

The proper tread is crucial for wet-weather driving. The tires’ tread can move water away from them. The tread on tires wears down, which means less traction. Don’t only focus on the price of your new tires. Consider reading reviews and listening to other people’s recommendations. You can rely on a contact piece the size of your hand to protect your family.

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