What You Must Know About Heat Not Burn?

August 9, 2022 0 Comments

Electronic devices with tobacco leaf content are called heat-not-burn items. Besides, they emit a nicotine-containing vapor when heated, which you breathe in. They are pretty different from traditional cigarettes in that they use a separate mechanism to heat the tobacco at lower temperature. The idea behind the heat not burn devices is that they give the smokers the kind of feel like cigarettes, without getting exposed to more chemicals.

According to several studies, the heat-not-burn products have much lower amount of dangerous carcinogens like aldehydes. However, since cigarette businesses funded the majority of these studies, we must be cautious. If you are someone who cannot quit smoking cigarettes, the best alternative to it would be IQOS.

You don’t have to go anywhere for buying IQOS products nowadays. In fact, you can complete your shopping online. You must do proper research before buying any IQOS device, to avoid wasting your money on duplicate IQOS products. You could take the help of the review website to know about the stores where you can find genuine IQOS products.

Heated Products is one of the best stores online where you can find genuine IQOS products at attractive prices. Visit their website Heated.Pro to buy the IQOS products from your home.

The IQOS 3 Duo, has recently gained a lot of popularity in UK in recent days. This stylish device has outstanding functionality and is available in several colors. It is highly durable. This device is unique when compared to the other devices now available on the market. Take a short glance below if you’re searching for further justifications to purchase it.

This device gets charged very quickly, which means it is a perfect choice for those who want a heat not burn product with less wait time to use. IQOS 3 Duo is the ideal substitute for cigarettes because it doesn’t produce smoke. In comparison to cigarettes, IQOS is a safer choice. Another interesting fact about this duo is, that you can enjoy some of your favorite flavors with it.

IQOS 3 Duo looks perfectly stunning and it is a great choice for both men and women who are looking for a stylish IQOS device. You can take this device wherever you want due to its weight. You can happily put it in your pocket while going out.

IS IQOS Duo costly?

No, IQOS devices are not costly. There are some good stores online where you can find these devices at a pocket-friendly price. This type of device can also save you money in the long run.

If you are trying to quit smoking, but are unable to do it, try the IQOS products. No doubt, the IQOS devices can help you get to rid of your smoking habit. IQOS VEEV is the other well-liked IQOS model that is currently on the market. It takes about 30 minutes to completely charge an IQOS VEEV. It is specifically made to give users a flawless vaping experience. This device is extremely comfortable to use.