The most authentic recommended purchasing website for vertigo lamp replica

The most authentic recommended purchasing website for vertigo lamp replica

The vertigo lamp is a chandelier launched by a French designer in 2013. Once it was launched, it became popular all over the world and won the favor of consumers, especially in Europe.
The reason why the vertigo is so popular in Europe is its unique body shape. It is placed under the ceiling like a hat. When a gust of wind blows over, it will dance with the wind under the light. On the other hand, it is very simple, elegant and smooth curves and light and shadow effects are dizzying, which is in line with the aesthetic style of Europe.

1.Simig Lighting

As far as I know, Simiglighting is a manufacturer in China. They have been making copies of this lamp since 2016. They used the same materials and craftsmanship to replicate this lamp. Most importantly, their price is far lower Original price. Their current vertigo lamp replica has the smallest diameter of 80cm and the largest diameter of 200cm. There are four colors, namely black, white, copper and pink.

vertigo lamp replica

2.KiKi Lighting

Kiki Lighting and Simig are also a Chinese lighting manufacturer. China is the world’s largest manufacturing country. Where do the global replicas come from, and where the lighting industry in China is the most developed, then there is no other town than the ancient town. Kiki Lighting is located in the ancient town of China’s lighting capital. Compared to simig’s kiki, it is a brand new brand, but the price and quality of kiki are very guaranteed. We purchased their products and I was deeply influenced.

vertigo pendant light replica

Their vertigo pendant light replica is so beautiful, no different from the original version, which impressed me.


homelights is a Dutch brand. Their products are mainly sold to the Netherlands and Belgium. I have dealt with them briefly and I am very satisfied with their service.
If you are in the Netherlands and Belgium and want enough vertigo lamp replica, then I strongly recommend you to buy this product. Although SimigLighting and KikiLighting can also be delivered to the Netherlands, the local service of homelights is more reassuring.

vertigo lamp replica

This year, due to the new crown epidemic, many people’s incomes have fallen. The price of the original chandelier is prohibitive. The replica of this lamp provided by the Chinese manufacturer has become the best choice and is very popular with consumers. Simig’s The minimum price is only 188 Euros.
Many customers who have bought this lamp from simig commented on the website, saying that they received the lamp, which is exactly the same as the picture, they are very happy and exceeded their expectations. For some customers who need to pay high tariffs, simig takes the initiative to bear half of the customers, and the customer service is fast and prompt, which has won the favor of consumers.
I hope what I said can help you in choosing the best seller for vertigo lamp.

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