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We need well-researched, well-written freelance and guest writers. Write for us if you have web design, development, and tech tips, tricks, thoughts, artwork, amazing tools, and insights.

We publish inspirational, cool, shareable, and viral content.

Basementlighting.Org Accepts These Submissions:

  • Business/finance/marketing
  • Tech, SM
  • DIY
  • Exercise
  • Entertainment
  • Lifestyle Gardening
  • Beauty
  • Style
  • Travel

Publishing How-To

All contributions will undergo an internal evaluation, and these factors will help us choose which to publish.

Interested writers should:

  • Cite reputable sources to support your arguments and opinions.
  • Use relatable instances to illustrate your point.
  • Write for the intended audience.
  • Complement your post’s content with photos (only where possible)

So simple, right? We reject many posts for a variety of reasons; to avoid having yours rejected, read on.

We Rejected:

  • Loans, picking a curtain, how to employ a lawyer, essay writing tasks, biographies, science fiction stories, a science magazine, the first chapter of a novel, etc.
  • Too brief (blurb-length) or long (novel-length) to be published.
  • Are not written in English or in a way that most people can’t comprehend. Before submitting, please proofread.
  • Break publication rules.
  • Are plagiarized, duplicated, or spun? We respect writers and have the right to not publish compromised posts.
  • Promote a writer-affiliated product, tool, service, or software.

Not submissions. Please don’t use the submissions page to ask how to get published. We’ve told you everything. Submit it!

Check Format

  • Post in plaintext, HTML, DOC (or comparable formats).
  • Submit a full post title.
  • JPG pictures only.
  • Images must be credited directly to their original page, not just the source website.
  • Make sure your submission’s photographs are copyright-free.
  • Name image files using hyphens instead of underscores or spaces, such as tool-name.jpg.
  • Zip image files in an IMAGES folder.
  • Images should be high-resolution to avoid blurriness.

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